Ragin’ Ralph’s Pick of the Week – Penny Arcade Deck Building Game

Penny Arcade + Deck Building Game = Awesome. That’s all I really have to say.

‘The Magic Book’ appeared out of nowhere for Chaosium’s basic Roleplaying, while ‘S&T #271’ goes back to Russia with the 2nd Battle of Kharkov. * ‘Rifter #56’ pours more life into that venerable franchise, while ‘The One Ring’ re-launches the Lord of the Rings as an RPG, yet again (I think, that’s the third or fourth time…). * And we restocked the ‘Emerging Powers’ boosters for Pokemon.  We had a run on ‘um; sorry we were out.

‘Caylus’ is back—a fine game, whose absence has annoyed me, and a couple of new releases rolled in with it:  ‘Open Game Table Anthology’ looks kind of interesting, while ‘Engage’ offers a nice-looking abstract war game, with a bit of a chessy air. * Speaking of classic war games, I piled up on ‘Axis & Allies 1942’ (the current core game); my bunions think that it may be between print runs, and tough to find for Christmas.

‘Eaten by Zombies’ pretty much says it all, in a quick-playing Dorm-game way, while ‘Summoner Wars’ is back in a big-box format, along with a couple of new little decks. * ‘Double Agent’ comes in via a staff recommendation, but for ‘Jarnac’ and ‘The Boss’ you’ll have to trust my judgment.  ‘Kingsburg’ returned to us, while Pokemon gained the ‘Evolving Battle Action Tins’.  And the Knights of the Dinner table are back with issue #179, where Gary Jackson’s warehouse woes reminds me of my wholesale days.