Lets see—each player gets an ‘away team’ of unfortunates, and then connives to get them ‘removed from the game’, well, in the way of all redshirts. Other players are allowed to intervene to allow the lads and lasses to unexpectedly succeed in their missions. Good, sick, fun—for a second week.

Wargame corner: ‘Virgin Queen’ offers up a bit of 16th century area-movement world-conquest action. I can’t help but note that the east coast of North America starts the game untouched—just twinkles, I suppose, in the virgin’s eye. * The other game is ‘1989’, a Twilight-style game, depicting the ideological scramble in Eastern Europe as the Iron Curtain crumbles.

Talisman picks up the ‘Blood Moon’ expansion, while ‘Endless Dead’ populate Dead Reign, and ‘Apprentices’ appear for Ars Magica. ‘We Didn’t Play Test This at All’ returns to us, now repacked with the previously separately available Chaos expansion. Greatest name ever.

‘Smedley Cloverdash, Evil Villian (though, really, what else could be?)’ once again returns to us. I don’t care what you’re running—Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Victorian, Western, Romans vs Carthaginians—there has got to be a place for Smedley Cloverdash. It warms my heart, and reinforces my faith in the glorious absurdity of all things when I see that name on my sales reports. Thank you, all of you, who have made this possible.