Back, for a limited engagement, and already out of print. A grand, conquer the galaxy game packed into a Euro timeframe. A big favorite here at the store, and Boardgamegeek #6 game, rated 8.33. Could be the next big thing (with a price to match). Get ‘um while they last.

We got some nice deck boxes for the new Commander decks from Wizards. * Vallejo finally—finally—restocked our paint line. Ooo, the pretty little bottles. * ‘Samurai Battles’ offers up an Axis and Allies-ish take on medieval Japan, and ‘Infernal Contrapions’—the game of goblins and their odd creations is back. And, no, I don’t just carry it for the sake of the goofy-faced goblin on the cover.

Picked up some more ‘Infiltration’, a nice, tense little card game. * And I’m trying a new magazine from the makers of S&T & World at War—‘Modern War’, which is about pretty much what it sounds like. * Speaking of such nasty brawling, we picked up ‘Tonkin’, which covers the French/Vietnamese prelude to our own little adventure in Indochina. * ‘Four Taverns’ offers a wonderful little conceit—competing tavern owners trying to gussy up their booze-hound customers and turn them into intrepid adventurers whose fame will draw more business to the beer casks. Well, they say that the real winners in the California Gold Rush were the ones who made and sold the blue jeans.

‘Dark Knight Rises’ up onto our shelves for Heroclix, while ‘Uncharted Board Game’ offers a nifty little deck-build-and-expend riff on Dominion. * ‘Marvels of Science and Steampunk’ offers a heap-o-gadgets for Victoriana; ‘Empires of the Void’ chucks out a space brawl; and I snagged a mountain of ‘Resistance’—a well-received, much in demand, often hard to find, little gem.

‘Survive’ is back, with the 30th anniversary edition of this get-the-hell-off-the-sinking-island classic. * ‘Dixit Journey’ presents a what’s-the-place spin on the original, while ‘Divinare’ offers a Clue meets fortunetelling oddity. * ‘Don’t Read This Book’ offers the continuation of one of the more interesting RPG ideas that I have run across: The longer that you go without sleep, the more you can see the real reality around you. But now that reality has also come to see you, and when you finally do fall to sleep…bummer. * ‘Castles of Burgundy’, a nice Euro but a little hard to find, is back, as is ‘Poo’. Yes.
The game involves monkeys, and what they hurl at each other. Hey, we’re a college town. That’s what they like up in the dorms.