Classics RPG! Sweep’s you back to the good ol’ days of RPG—hack n’ slash and just keep them feet moving. It has the artwork of the day, right down to ‘disco Dan’ on the back cover complete with porn-star mustache and red-stripped bell-bottoms (gotta get me a pair of them babies).

Had a special order the other day including an ‘Insane Detail’ brush—and you know, I just had to bring ina few extra. Come on in and check it out, and let me know how crazy it is. * Much, much more prosaically, and certainly not the type of game I usually get to look at: ‘Set Jr.’ * ‘Lyssan’ turned up, and given the overwhelming overproduction of games nowadays, it had to look pretty good for me to touch. BGG likes it, and it has a Euro-Diplomacy vibe to it. * Oh, and ‘Furt’.

I piled up a new supply of Irondie—‘the real dice for saving throws’. They are what they sound like, and have enough heft to impress a Balearic slinger. * WizKids have been good to us: ‘Quarriors’ is back (the only dump-the-dice game I’ve ever really liked), along with the latest sighting of ‘Mage Knight’ (I laid in a nice supply). On the new side, ‘Star Trek HC Tactics Away Team’ dropped on by, for you Tre…wait, I’ll let that be, and not wade into the kies or kers and other such weeds.

‘Hansa Teutonica’ is back, along with the D&D beginner’s ‘Red Box.’ * The wonderful Sheer Panic is again gracing our shelves, which I suspect is purchased by many people just for the sheep. Yes, the sheep. * And, last—a Reaper restock: ‘Townsfolk: Geeks’ and ‘Lord of the Jungle’ (that is T*rz*n). Really. The geek pack had the standard—fat, skinny, and gamer girl. And…the ‘T’ man. Now, what…I’m trying to see the scenario in my minds eye. Maybe…he just couldn’t find any cheetah figs—and picked three, instead.