Neither fish, nor fowl. It’s a wargame—no…no it’s not… It’s a deckbuilding game. No…and now it’s out of print again. I have it over with the Hex Grid games, but just grab the sucker while you can

Cool, cool—I got in another copy of ‘Tanenoko’, and, hey, what can I say about a game that has a Panda holding an umbrella on the cover. I face it out just so folks cans stare in wonder. * ‘Saipan & Tinian’, ‘Slouch Hats & Eggshells’, and ‘Tonkin’ are back, offering some interesting looking off brand wargames. Come on, grognards, have a look.


‘King of Tokyo’ is back, at least for a moment or two. Grab them while they last. And, yes, it is what it sounds like—you’re big and bad, and look a lot like a guy in a rubber suit, and Tokyo is all yours for the crunching—if you can knock out all the other big brutes heading into town. * I’ve got a few more ‘Fairytales’, while they last, and added a couple of more ‘Ghosts Stories’ to my inventory. * And…I don’t know a lot about this game yet, but here’s the title: ‘Historia Rodentia’. I mean…I gotta wonder if it’s the mean streets version of Mouse Guard.

Long, Long ago
‘Noggle Stones’ RPG came in and, I’m sorry, but just sounds like a frat-boy nickname… * A good customer is waiting for and is glad to see ‘Napoleon’s Dragoons of the Imperial Guard’ from Osprey books. I know, I know—‘the whatsits whoseits?…’—but promise me, dudes, who ever is listening out there, stop in front of the Osprey shelf, just for a moment, and pluck out an interesting-looking title. Here—go for the ancient Chinese siege equipment—trust me. Thumb through it. Pretty pictures; crazy info; ox-bombs (I’m not kidding). Then put it back; don’t even buy it; you’ll find that the things are just addictively cool.

‘Super Dungeon Explorer’ is back, and really is kind of like what it sounds like. * Then try out ‘Falling: The Goblin Edition’. It’s a fast, slap-the-card-down-type game. You’re a goblin; everyone’s a goblin. You’re all falling together from some collapse-of-Sauron’s-tower-type catastrophe. You’re a goner, that’s for sure, but hey, you can still be the last one to hit the ground. So the cards you play are variations on pushing, shoving, and stuffing your fellow goblins between you and, well, impact. Classic dorm game.

Got a few more ‘D&D Lords of Madness Huge Pack’. Grab them while you can. * Ooo…a new one, and a great one. The ‘Nazgul’ game. Lord of the Rings, of course, but you all play the Nazgul, out to frustrate and stop them Hobbits and their friends. The trick is, to win, you want to one-up your fellow Nazgul and come out on top of that peculiar little group, and so the game comes down to whether or not you can stop back-stabbing each other long enough to put the kibosh on them little hairy-footed buggers, or Baggins, or whatever they call themselves.