The hell with new games; you gotta have a place and people to play it with. Check out Tuesday at the store; wave your ol’ favorite around; in a nod, you’ll have crowd of people to enjoy it. Yeah!

Gotta a bunch of cool little planes—Fokkers and the like—for the Wings of Glory game. * Dragonshields arrived for what is likely to be a cameo spot. Grab ‘um while you can. We’ve got Black, Green, White, Gold, Red, Silver, Orange, Yellow, and Fluorescent-Gamer-Skin-Tone (the Orange and the Yellow are new, while the last in my own delirious fantasy).

‘Infiltration’ is back, as is ‘Zombie Ninja Pirates’. I don’t have anything much to say about the last, other then, ‘what the hell…’ * The cool little ‘Belfort’ is back after a stint of playing hard to get. Get this: a solid Euro worker placement riff, with Dwarves and Elves. I guess that makes the Orcs the scabs, if the workers strike.

I don’t believe it, but ‘D-Day Dice’, which is a ‘dump the dice’ war game. Hmmm. But they say it works. * And, oh boy, a whole bunch of reprints: ‘Jaipur’ (a nice little 2 player game), Mr Jack (playing catch with that Ripper fellow), ‘No Thanks!’ (a well-regarded little front-of-the-store offering), ‘Archaeology’ (a little gem for the academic sorts in our college town), ‘Troyes’ (whose first print sold out way to quickly), and, my favorite, ‘Dungeon Lords’ (placing the players in the position of being hard-working, honest monsters trying to hold life and limb together in the face of the onslaught of greedy adventurers). Damn that pestilent Wizard; he just killed Ed the Balrog.