RAGIN’ RALPH’S PICK OF THE WEEK—Battleship Galaxies!

It’s been out for a bit, but Ralph just played it again and loved it. A blast, and ‘not anything like Battleship’, he promises.

‘Libertalia’ turned up offering a real wonderful twist—Euro, with worker placement and all that, resource allocation, that kind of thing, but it’s all in the service of equipping pirate ships, and the winner is the one who brings back the most booty. * ‘7 Wonders’ gains the ‘Cities’ expansion, adding more fun to an already excellent game.

‘Delta Green’ returned to us after a long vacation—them little companies and their print schedules—along with the delightful children’s book, ‘Mother Hydra’s Mythos Rhymes’…which, wait…maybe you should keep that one for yourself. On the other hand, I bought one of the first batch of plush cthulhus, and gave it to my daughter. She loved it. It had this rhyme on a little tag: ‘Great Cthulhu sleeps beneath the sea; dreaming of enslaving humanity.’ Or something like that.

Heapo Paizo: ‘Bestiary Box’ and ‘Ultimate Equipment’; the end of one story arc (‘From Hell’s Heart’) along with the beginning of the next (‘Shards of Sin’). * ‘Hideous Hideouts’ offer themselves up for Munchkin Zombies, while the original game gains the ‘Skullkickers’ booster. * Oh, and the ‘Kraken Colossal’ has appeared with the, well, colossal price of $124.99.

The ‘Rise of the Runelords’ figs hopped out of the delivery boxes, only to be scared back in by the newly-arrived ‘Cthulhu Fluxx.’ Cthulhu Fluxx—just imagine what the goals will be in that one? And I wonder if there are insanity cards, or ‘must gibber’ cards or something like that.