It’s Yahtzee with Godzilla and King Kong, what more could you want? A light game with just enough strategy. It’s a great family game or even a good drinking game. Roll dice and fight for control of Tokyo!

Bah…’Disco Dan’ gets another week. Have a look at the back of the book and you’ll see why. * Ah…minis; I’ll be sprinkling some of my favorite names through the course of this work. ‘B’Thul Brinemurk, Bathalian Pirate’. I dare you to say that again. * ‘Dar Dimplefoot, Halfling Thief’! Sorry—couldn’t help myself. * More seriously, ‘Nefarious’ is doing well for us (another nice effort from the Bay Area’s own Donald X creator of Dominion), and S&T 276 has hit the shelf.

Got a restock on the ‘Dresden Files’ RPG. I gotta say that I’m a fan of the books, but what makes these guys a hoot are the margin comments by the tall man himself, bitching out Billy and co. for the egregious and silly mistakes that they’ve made in their portrayal of his life and world. * ‘Dwarven Brewmeister & Patrons’. Gotta love the brew’meister’ bit.

‘Gauntfield the Scarecrow.’ ‘Dungeon Fighter’ dropped in, offering, well, um…let me let them speak for themselves: ‘You will feel truly part of a centuries-old battle between good and evil…with a touch of foolish stupidity’ * ‘Village’, the winner of the ‘family’ Spiel des Jahres, offers up a well-received chronicle-of-village-life Euro. Seriously, have a look at this one. ‘Lord Rockbottom.’