SCREAMIN’ STEEN’S PICK OF THE WEEK…well, do I really have to stretch this out—
Android: Netrunner!

They were tearing each other apart at Gencon for this re-launch of the best of the nineties CCGs. Screamin’ Steen says, check it out, while they last…

‘Panzer’ is out from GMT, along with two expansions, for those of you who dig little cardboard counter tanks, while ‘Bloody April’ covers the grim stretch of the air war in WWI when new pilots had a three week life expectancy. * ‘Glory to Rome Black Box’ dropped in, finnnnnnnnnnally (really, a bit of a wait). The original version had/has a cartoony Saturday morning look, though it played like the bastard brother of Race for the Galaxy. This new version gives you fussy sorts a more fusty version. * The ‘Arc’ card game has arrived, which is good, given that the designer has been known to hang around the store. It’s non collectible card with time traveling!

Z-Man checks in with a couple of new Euros: ‘Atlantis Rising’ offers a cool little co-op with you and your fellow Atlantians working together to sort out the issues of your homeland, even while the damned island is disappearing under your feet; and ‘Battle Beyond Space’, which…no, I saw this one at GAMA. It’s a free-for-all between massive space fleets (nice bits) tangling it up in an asteroid field—survivor says it a little better than victor. * ‘Ugg-tect’. Wasn’t sure about this one, but get this: The game comes with a lot of little blocks and bits that teams of players have to agree on assembling. The trick is, language is limited to grunts and pointing. Gotta be a great party/drinking game. And it includes an inflatable spiked club for those moments of greatest exasperation.