Spiel des Jahres 2012 Kennerspiel winner, with a nice twist on the standard Euro, which allows your little family of peasants to age out and die. Something else to for you to keep in mind

‘Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow 10th Anniversary Ed’ offers up everything from the original version of one of the best of the mafia games, with all the components goosed up and nicely dandified. * ‘Descent 2nd Ed’ is back, and seems to be catching folks fancy, as is the venerable ‘Lord of the Rings’ co-op game (you know, you’re them hobbit dudes, all playin’ against dark lord game…).

What’s not to like about ‘Red November’—goblins in a leaky sub. Not all of you get out, but you all have to work together so some of you can. What could go wrong? * Dungeon Crawl Classics is still selling gangbusters, along with the modules. For a taste of what to expect, be sure to check out Mr. Seventies-retro on the back cover. * ‘Pistache’ is out with a 2nd ed, and, you know, there are certainly are a lot of those 2nd ed, nowadays.

‘Captain’s Log #45’ is a new one, while the wonderful-looking ‘Furstenfeld’ is a bit of an oldie. Brian told me that the designer is cool, and that there are a lot of beer drinkers around here (as in, it’s a Euro game of beer brewing). But, for me, the cover sold it—a cartoon statue of a rather round, Bavarian-looking sort who seems to have somewhat over-imbibed on his fine product.

I suppose that I should have started with this one, but ‘Dominion:
Dark Ages’ turned up at our door adding a somewhat grubbier element to the game. And, my favorite (though they are somewhat long of tooth), Knights of the Dinner Table, issue 190, off to Garycon for a little road mischief.