You’ve seen this one before, and it’s called Resistance. This is the fantasy version, but, interestingly, is compatible with the original.

Ooo…back from vacation, and few weeks of catching up. Let’s see what we have… ‘Jungle Speed Raving Rabbids’. What more can I say? * More prosaically, ‘Deadlands: The Last Sons’ comes walking in down the center of the street at high noon. * ‘Super Dungeon Explorer’ is back, and a goofier game I don’t believe I have ever seen. * And, what the hell—the ‘Large 4 Way Rubber Box Bands’. You heard me, and they are just what they sound like—big ol’ four-armed rubber bands to wrap around your game box. Holds it shut. Keeps it from spilling shit. Kinda useful, really.

‘Biblios’ from the high end of the Euro world; too cool-looking to not have. * ‘Four Taverns’ is back from the rowdy, low, Red Dragon Inn end of the spectrum. * I would be reading, right now, Osprey’s ‘European Medieval Tactics’ (2) (I’ve drooled over (1)) if it had come in.

A new edition of ‘Runequest’ (6th) is back in. Hey, it all started around here; I figure a lot of you old-timers (like me) want to check out the latest. * And the ‘Dying Earth’ RPG is rising from the dead to consider the red, swollen sun of the last days of Earth. It contains (besides the literary model of the D&D magic system) one of the coolest reward mechanics—advancement for talking like a Jack Vance character. It is as though Cugel were the god we all bow down before.

‘Level 7’ is back, offering up the intro to Privateers new game setting. Grim-looking to me, but then I’m getting old. * ‘Elfenland is the ultimate gamer’s game for gamer’s kids. For the tykes, little boot meeples wander around through a smurffy little land; for the gamer, it’s a calculation puzzle of hitting every city and ending in the right place, all in three rounds. Nifty. * ‘Felix: the Cat in the Sack’ is one of my rare forays into kid’s games (though Brian likes it enough for the adult section). But Brian’s real pick is ‘Famiglia’, which he claims replaces the wonderful, sick, up-against-the-wall, Family Business. * And, best for last: I restocked the Cthulhu knit ski mask. And it is better than you think. Screamin’s Steen says, grab this baby and hit the slopes.

’Smash Up’ from Alderac offers up a little genre-clashing fun—Zombies vs Space Aliens, and other such odd mixes—while ‘FlowerFall’ introduces a flutter mechanic, wherein you play your cards by letting them drop from above as you try to form the biggest patch of blooms. Try that one after a few beers.

‘Castle Panic’ is back, allowing players to once again cut down the baddies as they try to tear down your city walls. * ‘Road to Enlightenment’ looks like an interesting one, but…if you pick it up, let me know what you think. * ‘Dragon Rage’…I don’t know; kind of old-looking; but you get a cool-looking city, guards to maneuver, heroes to place, and here comes the dragon, or some other bogie. It just sounds like too much fun.

Pig-in-a-poke: Lad ran in ranting about Pokemon ‘Dragon Vault’; ye gotta have it he says. I do. Now, come back and buy it. * A new ‘Carcassonne’ sorta. It looks just like old Carcassonne, but includes the ‘River’ tiles, and runs about five bucks more than its older twin. And a new publisher—Z-man instead of Rio. Jay, that’s gotta hurt. * And the boys of KODT are back, and it looks like Dave is going to give B.A. a little GMing help. Nothing can go wrong with that, I suppose.

Long, long ago
‘Panzer’ is out from GMT, along with two expansions, for those of you who dig little cardboard counter tanks, while ‘Bloody April’ covers the grim stretch of the air war in WWI when new pilots had a three week life expectancy. * ‘Glory to Rome Black Box’ dropped in, finnnnnnnnnnally (really, a bit of a wait). The original version had/has a cartoony Saturday morning look, though it played like the bastard brother of Race for the Galaxy. This new version gives you fussy sorts a more fusty version. * The ‘Arc’ card game has arrived, which is good, given that the designer has been known to hang around the store. Check it out; if you have any questions or problems, show up on Tuesday night and holler his name until he pops up to answer your questions.

Z-Man checks in with a couple of new Euros: ‘Atlantis Rising’ offers a cool little co-op with you and your fellow Atlantians working together to sort out the issues of your homeland, even while the damned island is disappearing under your feet; and ‘Battle Beyond Space’, which…no, I saw this one at GAMA. It’s a free-for-all between massive space fleets (nice bits) tangling it up in an asteroid field—survivor says it a little better than victor. * ‘Ugg-tect’. Wasn’t sure about this one, but get this: The game comes with a lot of little blocks and bits that teams of players have to agree on assembling. The trick is, language is limited to grunts and pointing. Gotta be a great party/drinking game. And it includes an inflatable spiked club for those moments of greatest exasperation.