As in, what five games would you want with you (and your companions, I presume) if all of you were stranded on a desert island.  My five would be:
Chess, Go, Agricola, the old Avalon Hill Civilization, and my homebrewed RPG ‘The City’.

How about you?  Email us your list (, attn. Brian, and we’ll…add them up, I suppose, just to see what we would have if we all squeezed together onto that itty bitty little island.

Can’t be gloomy about this:  ‘Unhappy Homes’ and  ‘Unwelcome Guests’  have both returned for the great card game Gloom, the favorite of all you frowny faces out there. * Fans of Fiasco:  ‘Durance’ is out, from the same designer. * And ‘Biblios’ is back.  A nice-looking little game.  Slipped through the cracks; ran out for a bit.  Staff seized me, carried me about the store, tarred me up a bit, and tossed me back down into my basement pen.  I took that as a recommendation.

‘Quarriors!’ in it’s many incarnations is back, and I trust that I’ve got a decent supply.  It’s just about the only ‘toss-a-handful-of-dice’ game that has ever appealed to me (well, that and Chupacabra; Survive the Night, which, I guess is really more a speed and dexterity game).  Give it a try and let me know. * Oh, and I’ve got to push my personal favorite:  ‘Agricola’ the game peasants and poverty in the 16th century, which could easily be the best game out there (see above).