First, read the books. The RPG works a lot better if you know the characters from the many novels since the characters from the books have annotated the rules in the guise of themselves being handed an RPG about their lives. I doubt that I’ll ever play the game, but I could spend hours reading snarky old Harry ranting on about his portrayal in the rules.

‘Seasons’ is back, after a little between-print run problem, offering one of the season’s best new Euros, while Galaxy Trucker adds the rather self-explanatory ‘Another Big Expansion’. I love the idea of Galaxy Trucker. You start with a frantic, timed build-your-spaceship phase, followed by a general launching of the heaps, and consequent gradual disintegration (as well as other sorts of ‘construction flaw unveilings’) until whatever’s left shambles back home with, maybe, some cargo.

‘String Railway’ is back, offering a yarn alternative to the traditional railgame crayon (check it out to see what I mean). * ‘Merchants & Marauders’ gives us maybe the best “yar, yar” pirate game around, while ‘Golden Mechanical Soldiers’ and ‘Maiden Princess of the Cherry Blossoms’ have come to us hand in hand for Cardfight Vanguard. * And, last, ‘Wereshark’, a figure from Reaper Minatures, which is the latest addition to the hominid Shark figures that, accountably, have proliferated on our miniature hooks.