Oh, baby—where have you been? Rumors were all about a new setting/new edition, but after months the golden oldie is back much the same as before. One of the first ‘card-Euros’, and one of the best, though I’m still trying to figure out one some of those little marks on the cards mean.

‘Consulting Detective’ keeps selling, and I love this game. It’s simple: You get all kind of bits of this in that you might have seen lying about at 221B Baker Street. You sort through it to try to solve cases, in a Holmesian way. Dude…you get to thumb through Victorian newspapers looking for clues. Screamin’ Steen puts on his deer-stalkin’ cap for this one.

Waa…that was almost a game of the week, but what about ‘Grogs’ for the fine Ars Magica RPG. What the hell…I don’t know…and I like it better that way. * ‘Discworld Ankh-Moorpork’ is back, after having fallen through the cracks for a week or two. I don’t know how it plays, but hey…Discworld, come on… For extra credit, from what previous great fantasy city does Ankh-Moorpork rise. I’ll give you a hint: Ask the two rogues encountered by Rincewind at the beginning of the very first of the Discworld books. Give you answer to Ralph, here at the store, and insist that he tell me.

Speaking of stocking boo-boos, we also welcome back: ‘War of the Roses; Lancaster vs York’. It’s a big fellow, one of the many wannabe Kingmakers, and you think that I would have noticed the absence. Bah. * ‘Zen Garden’ looks like a relaxing little tile game, while ‘Steam Craft’ looks like an RPG blast. And how about ‘Atomic-Age Cthulhu’. Cool. I wonder if it includes mutant monsters, you know, with Godzilla raging through Tokyo brawling with Cthulhu over the fate of mankind. Screamin’ Steen really let’s loose over that one.