Board Game Night


We play board games every Tuesday

Every game room is used for the Tuesday event

Tuesdays,  the game night goes from 5pm to 10PM, but the store actually closes at 9PM.

Getting Downstairs
There is a secret staircase in the middle of the store, underneath the large wizard statue. You will see the steps leading down if you walk to the puzzles before looking towards the wizards left shoulder.

Getting to the Back
Head to the back of the store to the left. There is a door that leads to a hallway to the right.

What games are played?
If you bring a game with you, people will play that game. New games are played more often. Expect many Euro Games and Tichu.
Show up with some games to play, or come empty handed since the Games of Berkeley game collection is MASSIVE, but come and have fun!

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