Event Calendar

Come join us for one of our events such as Board Game Tuesday, Magic the Gathering tournaments, Warhammer 40K and Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. We have 4 large game rooms and events every night.

Or come down and discover our massive FREE-TO-PLAY game collection! It includes over a 100 games in all categories ranging from Settlers of Catan to Pandemic to the massive Tide of Iron! 

For info on any event: events@gamesofberkeley.com






5pm Living Card Game Night - Free

5:30pm Magic Draft - $15

5:30pm Magic Modern - $5

6pm Learn to play Go  - Free



5pm Board Game Night - Free



4pm Pokemon - Free (2nd Wednesday - $15)

6pm D&D Adventurers League - Free (Currently Full)



5pm Miniature Wargame Day - Free

6pm Go Club - Free

7pm Heroclix - Entry Varies



4pm Chess - Free

5pm and 5:30pm Magic Draft - $15

5:30pm Magic Standard - $5

6pm Pathfinder Society - Free



10am YuGiOh! - $10 ( Once a Month )

11am Special Magic Events - Entry Varies

11am Yo-yo Class - $5 (Free with your own Yo-yo)

3pm D&D Adventurer's League - Free



1pm Miniature Wargame Day - Free