5 for 5, or "How We Pay For Our Event Space"

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Games of Berkeley provides approximately 1,500 sqft of event space, which is as much as the size of some entire stores. We also have a game library with 350+ titles, and are adding to it all the time.

To ensure we're able to provide comfortable and accommodating game rooms for the life of the store -- and that we can continue improving our patrons' experiences in them -- all casual game room & library usage is subject to our “5 for 5” model.


Here’s how it works:

  • Unless otherwise noted or advertised, casual use of our game rooms, tables, and libraries requires a $5 usage deposit.
  • That deposit is returned to you as store credit, in the form of a $5 coupon (GoB Bucks) that can be used toward the purchase of any product in the store.
  • You may use GoB Bucks right away or hold onto them for later -- they never expire. If you like, you can even trade them with other patrons, give them away, or save them forever.
  • GoB Bucks may not be used to pay for event entry fees.

Example: Let's say you play in Monday Night Madness, and then play in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Day. That's two deposits, so you'll end up with $10 in GoB Bucks. Do that two weeks in a row, and you've got enough to buy a copy of Coup, with a little left over! 

NOTE: This does not apply to large, store-wide events or festivals like International TableTop Day or Free RPG Day.

We apply the "5 for 5" funds toward game room improvement projects, such as noise baffling, table & chair upgrades, or environmental designs for each room. We’re looking forward to sharing another 30+ years of fun, and this helps make that possible. Thank you again for your patronage!


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