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Dungeons & Dragons

Embark on epic adventures Wednesday evenings from 6pm-9pm!

Create your own fantasy character, then guide that hero through quests for treasure, battles with deadly foes, daring rescues, courtly intrigue, and much more. Along the way -- and with the guidance of our experienced Dungeon Masters -- you and your fellow adventurers will create a story together!

Our Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition events are open to newcomers and veterans alike. They range from single-session quick adventures to multi-week seasonal campaigns, and comfortably accommodate up to 6 adventurers at a time. All you're required to bring are a pencil and your EVENT DEPOSIT. Dice, books, miniatures, and everything else can loaned upon request, though after just a session or two you'll likely want your own!


PLEASE NOTE: Games fill quickly, and long campaigns do not often have mid-season openings. Our Games of Berkeley Role Players Guild Facebook page is regularly updated with event information, including how to sign up for casual drop-in games and seasonal campaigns. In the event that we're unable to accommodate your personal schedule, the East Bay Adventurer's League Facebook group is also a great resource for finding local gaming sessions.

To learn about kids' participation in Dungeons & Dragons and other events, CLICK HERE.

Happy Adventuring!

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D&D Encounters is open to newcomers and veterans alike.



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