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Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder is a tabletop roleplaying game similar to Dungeons & Dragons. Pathfinder Society Organized Play lets you participate in a worldwide fantasy roleplaying campaign where you take on the role of a member of the 'Pathfinder Society', a league of adventurers and explorers devoted to unearth the greatest mysteries and legends of the fictional world of Golarion; an ancient, magical world. 



6pm - 9pm (requires an EVENT DEPOSIT)


We recommend bringing your own Dice and rulebook for the best possible experience, or you may purchase them here at the store.
Contact Phil at (510) 717-1750 or check out Paizo for more info.

To learn about kids' participation in events, CLICK HERE.



In Pathfinder Society Organized Play, you seek fortune and glory all over the face of the ancient continent of Golarion as an agent of the Pathfinder Society. Simultaneously, your character works for one of the factions within the society, all with their own motivations and secret agendas.

Play is organized into Seasons, where your actions and achievements create an ongoing storyline. Each season consists of a minimum of 28 scenarios.

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Pathfinder is a classic tabletop role-playing game with roots in Dungeons & Dragons.

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