Warhammer and Miniatures

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Warhammer and Miniatures

Come play or paint your favorite Warhammer armies! 

Wage war on Games of Berkeley's incredible terrains, learn from veteran players or relax and paint your armies. 


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Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the Month!

12pm - 9pm (requires an event deposit)

Come hang out, play some 40k and do some painting! Tables and terrain are provided, please bring your armies and paints! We also sell figures, brushes and paint if your looking to expand your collect! We have boards ready for you. 

Combat terrain is available for you to use. Just be a good commander and return it where you found it after the event. 

We recommend posting in the Facebook group ahead of time -- that way you're more likely to have an opponent for the game you want to play.


Other Days

Open Potential Schedule

Interested in getting together a group to play other miniatures games like Warhammer 40K, Hordes, Warmachine, Star Wars Armada, or others? We often have openings in our schedule, so contact our event coordinator to schedule space ahead of time, or call the store to find out if there are same-day openings available!


To learn about kids' participation in events, CLICK HERE.

See more Games of Berkeley events on our FACEBOOK PAGE.



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Berkeley, California 94704

Phone: 510-540-7822
Email: info@gamesofberkeley.com







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