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GoBSmacked: 38 Days Later (or was it 39?)

23 Apr 2020
by Erik Bigglestone
39 days into the Bay Area's period of shelter-in-place, it's tempting to think of this as "the new normal." My daily routine is pretty set, and though I've recently added a couple of RPG campaigns, not much changes from day to day. My employees and I are safe as we can manage and (for the most part) financially okay for the time-being, and the store's creditors are being very understanding of the situation.
On the other hand, my semi-regular Friday visits with friends have moved from their house to Webex, my apartment has bad cell phone signal, and I've only seen my sons (who live 20 minutes away) in person through their bedroom window. The store makes a little bit of money on referrals and pre-orders, but those creditors will need to be made whole at some point, and emergency relief funds have yet to materialize.
Also -- I really, really miss my employees, less because of the work they do than because of the family they have become.
So I instead think of this time as "the temporary normal," whether it lasts for weeks, months, or even a year or longer. Our business model is changing out of necessity, and times are likely to be tough for a good long while, but ...
We will trade sheep for wood again around a table together. We will sit face-to-face over an intense card duel. We will throw plastic out on the disc golf course. We will laugh with our friends as they try to answer questions through a mouthguard--
Okay ... maybe not that last one.
In the meantime, we'll take care of each other to the extent possible, try our damndest to help those with the greatest needs and hardships, and connect in the safest ways we can -- whether that's over the phone, through a video chat app, via an online gaming portal, or yelling from the other side of the street.
See you soon.
- Erik
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