GAMES OF BERKELEY IS MOVING! (Next year.) May 06 2016


We’ve been teasing a Secret Project during the past few weeks, and it’s finally time to share what we’ve been working on: GAMES OF BERKELEY IS MOVING!

After 36 years in Downtown Berkeley, we’ve simply outgrown the buildings available to us. GoB’s home of two decades at Shattuck & Center is no longer adequate to provide the experiences we want to give both our longtime friends and new customers, so we’re moving a half-mile east-southeast to Telegraph Avenue.

As the crow flies, or as the person walks or rolls or drives or bikes or skates ...

More precisely, Games of Berkeley will be one building up from Telegraph itself at 2510 Durant, former home of the late, great Tower Records (among others). We’ll have that big ol’ building all to ourselves, with nearly 20% more space for you to shop and play in.

It’ll take some time to get the place ready for business, including painting, fixtures, ADA improvements, cameras, and of course the laser-shark moat. Once all that stuff is taken care of, the current plan is for GoB to be open at both locations through the end of this year, and make the final move to the new building sometime in January 2017.

The decision to move wasn't easy, and getting to this point has been a long process. We are grateful for the patience and dedication of our employees, and especially for the tireless efforts of Colby Katz of Norheim & Yost Commercial Real Estate at finding and negotiating the deal on the building.

There’s a lot to do and we’ll keep you posted throughout, but since “no plan survives contact with the enemy” (or words to that effect), bear with us as Games of Berkeley takes this giant leap of faith and hard work!

And watch for news about how we're celebrating our 36th Anniversary, coming soon! 


Games of Berkeley is a small business, locally owned and operated by Evil Empire Inc., a California corporation. The shareholders, officers, and board members of EEI are the same 4 people, a family of proud nerds who have been involved variously in gaming, comics, historical reenactment, and fan-operated conventions nearly all their lives. Visit the corporation's meager twitter feed via @NerdDynasty!