News of the Move - 5/17/16 May 17 2016

Welcome to the first of what will be semi-regular updates on how things are going at our new location!

Last week we spent some time at 2510 Durant with our contractor and one of a few architects we'll be consulting. Several renovation ideas were thrown around for our "soft" opening to be possible, including moving the existing basement stairs, installing our conveyor belt (or maybe a dumbwaiter), sign installation, and ... hey ... where should we put the cash registers?

The property owners replaced the front window that had been broken before we moved in, as well as some discolored ceiling tiles. More of those tiles will be taken care of a bit later, because they require rental of a scissor-lift to reach the 23 foot-tall ceiling! We put some large-format photographs of traditional game boards/pieces into the front windows, and will have posters or banners up within the next day or two advertising who's moving in.

Today the Evil Overlord made copies of the building plans for the space, which were prepared in 1987 for then-tenant Tower Records. With the exception of some wiring and a restroom, very few structural changes appear to have taken place since then, so we're optimistic that most of our improvements will go smoothly with [fingers crossed] very few surprises.

Notification of our longtime landlord at Shattuck & Center went well. Lycette Properties will be putting up "for lease" signs soon, so if you know anyone who might be interested in moving into this space next February, spread the word!

Thanks for reading, and watch for the next update reasonably soon! And take a look at the article about us in Berkeleyside!