News of the Move - 5/31/16 May 31 2016

Admiral ... There be dragons here!

Okay, so really it's "dragon," singular. But why not go all geeky when we have a 13'-tall dragon in our new store? The Evil Overlord drove to Morgan Hill on Friday afternoon to pick up Duchess the Dragon from her home of the past two years, Trader Joe's. Friend of the store Bill Burns does their decorations, and thought of us when it was time to re-home the lovely beast.


Duchess has articulated arms and mouth, and a massive wingspan. She and her little castle will need a little TLC (and we may change her name), but we're hoping she'll be able to stay with us for years to come, most likely immediately to the right when you walk in the door.

In other news: Our architects (The Bay Architects) have readied our usage and improvement permit applications for submission, so that will happen tomorrow afternoon. Improvements to the current customer restroom, the installation of an additional restroom, water fountains, pass-through adjustments, etc. -- these are all in the first phase. New stairs and a basement or dumbwaiter are slated for later amendments to the permit. 

We're also gathering fixtures for the new space! With a little help from family and friends, we've picked up some early, temporary display and storage units from R-Biz Associates' Peter Trouw and the Evil Uncle-Lord, Bob Dottery. Department signs and longer-term permanent fixtures are in the works, but take a bit of a back seat right now to the construction and painting plans, as well as ... well, the regular operation of the current store, of course!

Speaking of which: Don't forget about our 36th Anniversary Week celebrations, beginning this Saturday, June 4. 

Thanks for reading, watch for the next installment, and here's another article about the move (this time from the East Bay Times)!