News of the Move - 6/14/16 June 14 2016

Fill 'er up!

If you've stopped by our new address any time in the past couple of weeks, you'll notice that it doesn't look like much of anything is happening. Outwardly that's true, but behind the scenes it's a different matter.

Once our initial usage and improvement application went in to the City of Berkeley, we began working on additional items and amendments to it. Assistant store managers Jose and Tanya weighed in with their suggestions for counter placement, merchandise layout and office usage, and then we began reviewing commercial lift estimates. (Our current conveyor belt would take up too much space, unfortunately.)


Okay, not tragedy exactly. It's just that the Evil Overlord got walloped by some extremely painful dental issues, so was unable to focus on the move for several days. Also, there was the little matter of our 36th Anniversary Week to deal with, but we're back on track!

So now we begin to ask you: What do we put in the new space? As the move gets closer, we obviously have to start ordering product in advance. Chief Buyer Wailin' Walter and the Evil Overlord know what works at the Shattuck & Center location, but in addition to making some educated guesses about new things to stock in the larger space at 2510 Durant, the opinion of the community we'll serve is just as important.

We already carry board games, party games, card games, outdoor activities, jigsaw puzzles, and a selection of toys and novelty items, but what else would you like to see? Whether you're a longtime resident, a new student, or someone else entirely, we want your input!

Leave comments for us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and this website, send an email to, or even give us a handwritten note at the store itself.

Thanks for reading, watch for the next installment, and brush & floss at least twice a day!