Calling all local game designers! November 07 2014

“Fresh from our store to your table”

How could we not be influenced by Berkeley, considering our store is sitting smack in the middle of it? Inspired by the locavore and farmers market movements, we're introducing a Locally Grown Games Section to the store.


The Bay Area isn’t just home to amazing, locally grown food. There’s also a large number of amazing, local game designers here that we think deserve to be showcased. We're putting the call out for local game designers to get in touch for a chance to appear in a specially designed, permanent store display.

We see thousands of tourists every year and this display will allow them to find something truly unique to take home, like a copy of games such as Hungry, Hungry Hipsters or Corporate America.

Bay Area game designers should email Erik at with info on their games for potential inclusion in the display. Don't forget to include pictures!


If you have suggestions for how the display should look or would like to help us build it, feel free to send us an email as well. We're looking for vintage crates and other, typical Farmers Market display pieces, and would appreciate any and all help in making this a store display worthy of Berkeley's creative spirit! 

Oar Else! - A local "co-operative" card game developed in the Bay Area
By Flatcar6 Studios - Watch one of the creators unbox and explain the game below.