Jamie's Top 5 Thanksgiving Games November 13 2014



This year: don't let old games have a monopoly on Thanksgiving!

We're not saying you should give up all Thanksgiving gaming traditions; but why not bring home a different game this year? Our Master of Events Jamie has put together his list of favorite games you can enjoy with the family this holiday. Do you agree with it? Let us know what your favorite Thanksgiving games are in the comments!



1. Splendor

2-4 players, play time 30-40 min, teaching time 10 min.
A solid fast playing resource management game with great components.

2. Dixit

3-5 players - 40-60 min play time.
Picture description game that is essentially a more thoughtful, less naughty Cards against Humanity.

3. A LA Carte

2-4 players 40-60 min play time.
A fully tactile cooking game perfect for the thanksgiving holiday.

4. Chinatown

3-5 players, 60 min play time.
It's Monopoly redesigned to have all the not-fun taken out. Best financial game currently in print in my opinion.

5. Suspend

2-4 players, 20-30 min play time.
Fully tactile 'jenga style' game. Has a solid capacity for high level play as the thoughtful design of the components allow for some really wacky placements. Come try it out in our store!