January Star Wars Tournaments and Events January 13 2015


May the force be with you!

Star Wars fans rejoice! With the new movies coming up there are more Star Wars games out there than ever before. And we'll be playing as many of them as possible at Games of Berkeley this year. 


Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Tournament

Sunday, Jan 18th

First out is the super popular Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game tournament. Sign up on Facebook!
Can't make it out for the 18th? We'll be keeping our basement room open for you on Thursdays where you can play casually as much as you like.


Star Wars The Card Game Tournament

Sunday, Jan 25th

The following Sunday there's the Star Wars The Card Game. It's a two-player game set in the time-frame of the original trilogy. Sign up on Facebook!
Want to hone your skills? The game is always available in our free game library for you to try out. Come by on Living Card Game Nights if you need an opponent.


Want to know more about upcoming events? Send your questions to  events@gamesofberkeley.com