Introducing Miniature Wargame Thursdays January 18 2015


We've added an additional day for you to bring in your miniature war games! 

Because you can never have enough Waaagh! going on, we've expanded the playing area for war gamers and added an additional day to our roster.


Thursdays - 5pm

Downstairs War and RPG Room

Come bring your favorite miniature war game. We'll have the War room and RPG room set up for you. Warhammer 40K, Hordes, Warmachine, Malifaux... even Star Wars X-Wing and Star Trek Attack Wing will be welcome. First come, first serve. To be sure you'll find an opponent we recommend you join the FB group and let others know what you're bringing. You can join the group by following this link

Special note to Malifaux players: Our Malifaux maestro, Jose, will always be here every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month to teach and play Malifaux. 

Heroclix players still group together at 7pm in the upstairs game room and they're always looking for new players. Their FB group is here.

GO players will have the Vault Room reserved for them as normal.


Sundays - 1pm

Downstairs RPG room

As before, Warhammer 40K players will have the downstairs 'dungeon' room reserved on all Sundays. 



Have any questions? Want to run a tournament or a 'learn-to-play' of your favourite game? Let us know at


 Bonus tip: If you need an incentive to start your army; check out our Super Sale that starts January 24th. Chaos Dave returns and takes 20% off all blue tagged items!

What are you waiting for? Our terrain is just waiting for your army!