Top 5 reasons to game on Valentine's Day February 07 2015


Bring a Love Letter to this years Valentine's

We've teamed up with dating coach Jessica Engle to give you our top five reasons to bond through board games on February 14th!

As a dating coach, Jessica's worked with hundreds of singles in the Bay area and most of them tell her they don't know where to go to meet other singles outside of bars and clubs.  

... And not everyone flourishes in those (loud, extroverted, alcohol-centric) environments. Board game events give singles a fun, down-to-earth, structured (and thus anxiety-reducing) alternative for meeting potential mates.  

Board games are a portal into play. Kids naturally bond through playfulness; as adults, we need to remember and capitalize on our natural capacity to connect through imagination and creativity.  - Jessica

 We couldn't agree more, so we worked with Jessica to remind everyone why spending the years most romantic day with a board game is anything but boring. 


1. No more awkward first date silences

Through activity-focused events like board gaming, singles can learn about one another without resorting to tired (and often ineffective) small talk. - Jessica

Silence during a date isn't necessarily a bad thing; it's a great opportunity to stare into each others eyes or discover if you have the ability to stay quiet together. But most of us dread the moment when the conversation lulls for the first time and your brain is racing to say something witty or funny. That's when a board game is your best friend. There's always something to comment on, declare or question. Just don't get too lost in the game. You're there for your partner, not the dice!


2. It'll teach you a thing or two about your partner

How your new crush across the game board responds to competition, stress, and a group environment says a lot about his/her character. Is s/he cooperative and supportive? Is s/he a gracious winner and good loser? Best of all, you can get a sense of your compatibility as teammates, crucial data for those looking for a long-term partner. - Jessica

It's also nice to know that your partner is still young at heart and willing to do something silly with you. Nothing says 'I love you' like a playful round of Ugg-tect.

Is Love Letter the perfect game for Valentine's? Perhaps. Full review here. Image credit: The Nerds' Table


3. It won't break your bank

Few activities can beat board gaming in affordability. Once you've bought a game there are no additional costs to the hobby. (Unless you get hooked and decide to buy game expansions.) This leaves more funds for wine, chocolate and that special surprise you planned after the game.


4. It's surprisingly intimate

Play and cooperation are at the heart of healthy relationships. - Jessica

For physical contact, board games can leave much to be desired. But if you're on a first date; maybe you don't want to be up close and personal... yet. If the date goes well, or you're a long-term couple, games can always be used to up the stakes for later on. Regardless of your plans for later; a night sitting just 2 feet across from each other is a great date! 


5. It's a bonding experience

Board games can also help couples bond and strengthen their connection. Board gaming can inject playfulness, co-creativity, and healthy competition into a relationship, key components of keeping a flame alive over the long-run. And conflictual couples can band together to fight invisible evils rather than one another, greasing gridlocks with laughter and co-conspiracy. - Jessica

And if you can find a game you both love and adore you can make every evening a Valentine's Night. Games like Pandemic, Android: Netrunner and Carcassonne never see two games that are the same. And should you somehow tire of a game, there's always a new one out there that you can fall in love with. Together.



 JESSICA ENGLE is a Psychotherapist, Marriage and Family Therapist and Dating Coach from the Bay Area. She specializes in social anxiety, dating skills, couples therapy, and drama therapy, and offer a variety of services, including individual and group psychotherapy. She also runs several Meetup groups like Dating Skills for Geeks and Gamers.

Learn more about Jessica.