Recap: Valentine's Tabletop Night at the Freehouse February 15 2015


Catan lovers at the Freehouse

Our dating event at the Freehouse saw over 50 tabletop lovers spend their Valentine's together.

Dating coach Jessica Engle was right: games are the perfect bonding experience. Love was in the air last night at the Freehouse Pub & Restaurant in Berkeley where game enthusiasts helped themselves to a selection from our Game Library. Eric Vogel from Vainglorious games even brought a copy of his own designed game 'Don't Turn Your Back' for people to try. (Now on Kickstarter!). With this kind of turnout it's clear that the lovers must be reunited. We'll be holding another game night soon again. Keep an eye out on our Facebook event page for updates. 

Until then; here's a few moments from our evening last night.

Over 50 tabletop lovers came by to share their love for Settlers, Carcassonne, Fluxx and other games.

"I never win raffles", Marshall exclaimed as he won the grand prize of the night: His choice of Settlers of Catan product from Games of Berkeley.

George assures a teammate he's 'not a spy' while playing The Resistance.

Finding someone to game with was easy thanks to the provided table signs.

New startup (SILA Nanotechnologies) transplants from Atlanta discovered Bang! together. The Sheriff didn't stand a chance.

Our 'game bar', as it was referred to.

Fittingly enough the last group of the night spent it playing Settlers of Catan. Check out our Facebook photo gallery to see who won the surprise 'Midnight Raffle'!

May we introduce you to the Freehouse's Strawberry Breadpudding with Vanilla Ice Cream. The picture does not do this thing justice!


Awwww! Two Hanabi lovers practice their communication skills.

Brian and America were the nights big winners; the couple won both copies of Love Letter during the raffle. Congratulations!


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