Tabletop Day Treasure Hunt at Games of Berkeley - Updated April 02 2015


On April 11th; come celebrate tabletop gaming with us and win awesome prizes!  Visit both Games of Berkeley and the Freehouse Pub & Restaurant to increase your chances.


For your chance to win: Collect as many stamps as possible!
Come pick up one of our cards at the cashiers and follow our updates on Facebook and Twitter to find out where you can get your stamps. 

Tip: Play games at GoB for a super easy chance to get a stamp!

The more stamps you have at the end of the day; the greater your chance to win! 
If you have 4 stamps, for example, you'll be in the 2 and 3 stamp draws as well.


1 stamp

Dead Man's Draw Tabletop Day Edition

2 stamps

Forbidden Desert and Terror in Meeple City Space Cowboy Shuttles

3 stamps

Reverse Charades Tabletop Day Edition, Krosmaster Jr and Fluxx Tabletop Cards Promo Pack

4 stamps

In addition to the chance of winning Forbidden Desert, you'll also be in the draw for King of Tokyo and Pandemic!

5 stamps

Bioshock Infinite - The Siege of Colombia and Fluxx 5.0 + Fluxx Tabletop Cards Promo Pack

6 stamps

You could win the grand prize; Dead of Winter Tabletop Day Edition, Geek Out! Tabletop Day Edition, Star Wars X-wing Han Solo pilot card, plus your choice of a Cards Against Humanity expansion!

The most stamps!

We'll do a special draw between those with the most stamps for the Munchkin Hoodie below!

Submit your stamped card at the cashiers at Games of Berkeley or at the Freehouse at our evening event. Don't forget to put down your name and email in upper case!


Only submissions on April 11th will be in the draw. We'll announce the winners on Tuesday, April 14th! 
Winners must come to Games of Berkeley by April 30th, 2015 to pick up their winning prize. We can also bring the prize to one of our gaming events.


Tip: Newsletter subscribers get an extra virtual stamp added to their card! Sign up to our newsletter for events, deals and insider news (like our upcoming Rental Service) now!  

Tip #2: Tweet (or Facebook) us a picture of yourself and your favorite Locally Grown Game today and we'll add an additional virtual stamp to your card! Remember to include your name and use hashtags #Tabletopday and #Berkeley

Tip # 3: Share a picture of yourself and your stamped card on Facebook or Twitter with us and use hashtags #Tabletopday and #berkeley and your name in your message. We'll add a virtual stamp for you just for that!


April 11th - Tabletop Day (& Night!)

Games of Berkeley (2151 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley) - FREE
10am - 7pm

Freehouse (2700 Bancroft Way, Berkeley) - FREE
6pm - midnight