Tabletop Treasure Hunt - Winners announced! April 14 2015

Here are the winners of our Tabletop Treasure Hunt!
Thanks again everyone for participating!


1 stamp winner

Weston T. (5 stamps)

2 stamps winner

Sarah S. (2 stamps)

3 stamps winner

Jo F. (4 stamps)

4 stamps winner

Marshall A. (5 stamps)

5 stamps winner

Ben E. (5 stamps)

6 stamps winner

Ellen W. (9 stamps)

Most stamps of the night: 15 stamps!

Ryan S.

Ryan tested every game but one of the local games and unlocked every possible special stamp but the 'Freehouse Early Bird'. His efforts will not go unrewarded, so we're sweetening the Munchkin Hoodie with as much of the remaining Tabletop Swag as we can find. 
We'll contact the winners by email - If you haven't heard from us by tomorrow: please email

Want to win more stuff? 
Come visit us at Hotel Durant in our new weekly event called 'Tabletop Thursdays' - Starts 23rd of April.
Learn to play the featured game of the week or bring your own game. We'll have a small selection at hand too and there'll be the occasional prize raffle for participants.


Thanks to all of the below people who tweeted us for extra virtual stamps! Here's a few of our favorite shots from the day:

Looks like Forbidden Island is a local favorite!