Announcing Locally Grown Game Sundays May 04 2016


After our very popular Tabletop Day (& Night!), we're going to continue our outdoor game events. Starting in June; every third Sunday of the month will have us bring out the tables so you can enjoy games and fresh air.

Our Locally Grown Games 'market' will coincide with the Eats, Beats and Brew festival in Downtown Berkeley. Center street is closed off, live music is brought in and the local restaurants expand their seating area and menus. Not to mention; the entire street will be a beer garden, so if you're of age you can combine the gaming with your favorite brew. Each events is expected to draw thousands of visitors, so it'll be a great spot to find new people to test your games. 

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To participate; email us at with info on your game and mark the email subject 'Locally Grown Games'. Include what stage your game is in and pictures if possible. 

We ran out of tables during our first Tabletop day, so if you'd like to reserve a table for your game we have a few tables available for reservation at each event.

Reserve your table now.

 Didn't get a table? Don't worry; if there's an available unreserved table, we'll make room for you!

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Brian Kopleck from Oakland testing his Kickstarter game 'Skulldug'.

Julia Huff teaching 'Oar Else!' on Tabletop Day.


It's okay if your game is still in the early stages; meeting other game designers might even be better than regular playtesters.

Centre street is almost always busy - Curious and potential playtesters are always passing by. 


We provide table signs that make it easy for curious players to come join the fun. 

If your game is successfully tested and produced we might have room for it at our 'Locally Grown Games' display.