GoB Tabletop Rescue May 12 2015

Games of Berkeley to the Rescue! 

Our customers have been good to us through the past 35 years; it's time to give back!

What are you missing to make your game collection complete? Tell us and we might be able to help!

Do you have every Dominion, minus one? Did your dog eat your original copy of the Shadowrun RPG core rulebook? Have your Settlers of Catan robber gone missing? With the deepest selection of games in California; we're here to help. We have accumulated games both rare and obscure over the years, but we'd also like to help complete collections that are waiting for that final copy. 

The Games of Berkeley Tabletop Rescue is our way of saying thank you to gamers everywhere for keeping the hobby alive. 

For a chance to be rescued:

- Send us a picture of your game collection on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google+.

- Tell us what you're missing! Don't be shy!

- Use #GoB35 and #GoBTableTopRescue in your post.


You can submit your entry now. We'll pick a winner each day of the anniversary week! 

Read more about our 35th Anniversary Celebration!


Classic example of someone that needs a Tabletop Rescue. 


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