Bay Area Game Designers at the Eats, Beats & Brews Festival July 03 2015


Tabletop Game Designers from as far as Los Angeles made it up to our first 'Locally Grown Games Sunday'!

A part of the Eats, Beats and Brew festival in Downtown Berkeley, the event places game designers right outside of Games of Berkeley. Thousands of visitors pass by as they make their way to the Salsa Dancing and outdoor restaurants at the festival - many of which stop to sample the game concepts on display. 

Here are a few pictures and highlights from the last event. 


Space the Game v2

Darrell 'Marty' Tuttle brought his 'Space the Game v2' aka STGV2. It's a 3-dimensional “board game” of space warfare. All play is done in the space above the tabletop with pieces suspended in midair. Marty prints the pieces himself using a 3D printer and will be back for the next Locally Grown Game Sunday on July 19th. You can also meet him at our Tabletop Thursdays at Hotel Durant. Contact Marty if you'd like to buy a game.



Michael Orion was in town (all the way from Santa Monica) and grabbed the chance to demo his almost complete game; 'Aura'. It's a game inspired from Chinese Qigong where the cards are inspired by the elemental and animal relations based in the practice. Michael's real goal with the game was to make something that 'plays like Magic the Gathering & Poker, but has the approachability of Uno'. If you had a chance to play it and enjoyed it; check out news on his upcoming Kickstarter on his company site 'WHOA WORTHY' or follow him on Twitter.




Brian Kopleck, one of the creators of successful Kickstarter game 'Skulldug' is testing out an unnamed concept where each character is playing a secret role in a larger story of heroism and teamwork.  




Reserve your table now.

We run out of tables at every event, so we allow designers to reserve a few tables ahead of time. To participate; email us at with info on your game and mark the email subject 'Locally Grown Games'. Include what stage your game is in and pictures if possible. Didn't get a table? Don't worry; if there's an available unreserved table, we'll make room for you!

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Blue Orange Games

We also have local publishers at the event. Blue Orange Games showed off fan favorites like Pengoloo as well as new creations. This is New York 1901 - a new game similar to Ticket to Ride in which you build skyscrapers by acquiring property then trying to fit your tetris-shaped buildings into that property. Get it in stores on July 25th!

Watch the video below for a review of the game.




San Francisco designed Kooba was also available to try out. It's a different kind of dart game that uses sticks and a very different kind of 'dart'. It's easier than it looks and kept drawing a crowd of curious onlookers. Available for purchase in store now! 



Locally Designed games can be found in the store at our special display for them. Did you know international hit 'Dominion' was designed by a Berkeley designer? You can find it and other locally designed games like 'California Water Crisis' and 'Hungry Hungry Hipsters' at the display.

Local Game Designers are also encouraged to come by our 'Game Designer Night' at Hotel Durant; every Thursday before the Local Sunday event of the month. See when the next event is here or sign up to our newsletter.