5 for 5 Event Deposit March 17 2017

First off, many thanks to all of our loyal customers who have followed us over to 2510 Durant Ave., as well as those new ones who have recently discovered us. We couldn't be here without you! 

We love that GoB can now provide you with improved play space, but one thing we’ve learned over the years is that wear and tear take a serious toll. To ensure we’re able to provide comfortable and accommodating game rooms for the life of the store, 2018 saw us begin an event program for store-sponsored events that we call “5 for 5.” 

Here’s how it works:

  • Unless otherwise noted or advertised, non-tournament events (those without prize support) require a $5 entry deposit.
  • That deposit is returned to you as credit, in the form of a $5 coupon or collectible token that can be used toward the purchase of any product in the store.
  • You may use that $5 credit right away or hold onto it for later – it will never expire. If you like, you can even trade it with other patrons, give it away, or save it forever.

Example: Let's say you play in Monday Night Madness, and then play in Star Wars X-Wing Thursday. That's two deposits, so you'll end up with $10 in credits. Do that two weeks in a row, and you've got enough to buy a copy of Coup, with a little left over! 

NOTE: This does not apply to large, store-wide events or festivals like TableTop Day or Locally Grown Sunday.

We’re looking forward to sharing another 30+ years of fun, and this will help make that possible. Thank you again for your patronage, and remember: PLAY EVERYWHERE!


To learn more about our scheduled events, CLICK HERE.

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