Drought safe fun to get you through this summer July 30 2015


The recent California drought has left the ever-popular water blasters in the garage. Instead; try one of these fun alternatives for your backyard activities. No water needed.



Marshmallow Shooters

Harmless and fun... and delicious! Nobody will complain about being hit with a fluffy marshmallow. Marshmallow shooters come in many variations. Like The Mini Bow & Mallow. It shoots at a range of up to 30 feet and holds 25 miniature marshmallows in a single magazine for soft, non-stop fun. Machine washable for frequent use. 


Disc Golf

Don't confuse these with Frisbees! This is Disc Golf, also known as Frolf (thank you, George Costanza) Folf, Frisbee disc and Frisbee golf. The edges are thick and hard and can hurt someone. These flying disks are intended to hit stationary baskets in order to score points. There are several courses in the San Francisco Bay Area, like in Golden Gate Park, and even in Berkeley. Come visit the store to see our InnovaDiscraft and MVP Disc Sports selections of flying disks.

Contact the East Bay Disk Golf Club for more information.

Frolf is a very real thing. They even tournaments now. 




Mashoonga! Warrior Sabers

If you want something a bit more hands on. Why not try these boffer weapons aka 'warrior sabers'? They're made in durable and lightweight foam with a strong polycarbonate tube inside. Take them to the beach and use them on the beach or even in the water. But hey; no groin or head shots! 



Nerf Toys

The closest thing you'll come to a water pistol. These pistols shoot harmless darts, but we recommend safety glasses just to be on the safe side. Don't forget to pick up extra darts at the store! We also carry Nerf Pro-Grip Footballs for the sports lovers.



Board Games

Why not? Find a spot in the shade and avoid any game with too many cards if it's windy. Try games like Carcassonne, Hive or the Deluxe version of Hanabi that features engraved tiles instead of cards. For the kids, Battle Sheep -or the classic Battleship - are great options to play outdoors. Or you can play locally designed game California Water Crisis and see how the drought came to be in the first place.


An alternative dart weapon to Nerf are the blasters from BOOMco. They often come with interesting features like faster reloading and a special target stick system. 

Review of the Boomco Whipblast below.




Why not give the regular darts a break and try out something new? KOOBA was designed in San Francisco and is a new form of dart game that uses sticks and high powered magnets. It's kind of hard to explain, so have a look at the video below for a demo. KOOBA is available from Games of Berkeley in store.




What's your favorite drought safe activity?

Let us know in the comments or send us a recommendation on Twitter!


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