Salsa, Beer and Board Games in Downtown Berkeley July 23 2015


Game Designers and Salsa Lovers; finally together

Every third Sunday of the month this summer, Downtown Berkeley runs the amazing Eats, Beats and Brews festival on Center Street in Berkeley. It's a bustling bloc party where you can learn to dance salsa, sample food from local restaurants and enjoy a Drake's Brewing beer garden! You can grab food from the restaurants of Center street or enjoy Revival's pop up kitchen.


Locally Grown Games

In addition to the salsa dancing and amazing food, Games of Berkeley fills the other side of Center street with local game designers and their game prototypes. It's a game designers heaven, inspired by farmers markets and Berkeley's Alice Waters approach to locally sourced products. Game Designers get to pitch and test their creations to festival goers and the play testers get to try out fun games for free. 


Nothing feels more appropriate than playing the prototype of 'Survival' outside in the tree shade. Colin Thom demoed his game about surviving the wilderness. Survival came in third in the game design contest at this years KublaCon (San Francisco's largest board game convention) and was a big hit at this event too! Colin returns on August 16th for the next Local Sunday. See a quick presentation of the game below.




When the store ran out of tables, these players did not run out of ideas. A special award should be awarded to this crew for making the best out of the situation; playing Blokus on a homemade card board table. Thanks to the support of game designers we'll have more tables at the next event. 

Homemade cardboard mountain expansion and custom painted miniatures graced the table of Gabriel Llhewellyn-Ari's version of Talisman. If you were lucky you'd even get to visit a version of Games of Berkeley in the game. 


David Pruess explains how Laboratory Mayhem works to two new play testers. The game, formerly known as 'Alchemy' is designed in Berkeley by Lixivium games. In the background a contestant tries to win a game of Pac Pong in order to grab a free ticket for the movie Pixels.

Gregg from Lixivium Games gives a quick idea of what Laboratory Mayhem is like in this video:



Darrell 'Marty' Tuttle returned with 'Space the Game v2'  It's a 3-dimensional “board game” of space warfare. All play is done in the space above the tabletop with pieces suspended in midair. Marty prints the pieces himself using a 3D printer and will be back for the next Locally Grown Game Sunday on August 16th! You can also meet him at our Tabletop Thursdays at Hotel Durant. Contact Marty if you'd like to buy a game.



A game in the very early stages of development (this was the first time it was ever tested outside of a small circle of friends!) was 'Ameritocracy'. As you can see by the cards it's a game that revolves around US elections. Would a co-branding with 'House of Cards' be in order? Expect to see more of Ameritocracy at the next event.


Yes, the event is a part of the beer garden. So you can bring any food and drink you like over to the gaming tables!


Locally Grown Game Sunday on August 16

Expect to see even more game designers at our next event. Local publishers Peacable Kingdom will be there with their children's games, plus we'll have a few other surprise visitors as well.

We run out of tables at every event, so we allow designers to reserve a few tables ahead of time. To participate; email us at with info on your game and mark the email subject 'Locally Grown Games'. Include what stage your game is in and pictures if possible. Didn't get a table? Don't worry; you can always bring your own! 

Reserve your table now! 

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Locally Designed games can be found in the store at our special display for them. Did you know international hit 'Dominion' was designed by a Berkeley designer? You can find it and other locally designed games like 'California Water Crisis' and 'Hungry Hungry Hipsters' at the display.

Local Game Designers are also encouraged to come by our 'Game Designer Night' at Hotel Durant; every Thursday before the Local Sunday event of the month. See when the next event is here or sign up to our newsletter.