Local Game Designer Spotlight: August 16 August 12 2015

The designers and publishers at our third Locally Grown Game Sunday

Curious if you should stop by our August event? Wonder no more! Not only will you be able to pick up a free-to-play game from our game library (if you can find a table!), but you'll also meet these outstanding game enthusiasts! We're sold out of tables, but you can still bring your own. Find your VIP ticket here. 

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In Survival, players explore the wilderness, gather resources, craft weapons and encounter creatures. Each player has a character with a special ability. Characters include the hunter, scout, explorer, gatherer and cook. Colin Thom returns with this fan favorite. 




The Forbidden Limb Podcast 

One of the brains behind the 'Forbidden Limb' podcasts - Peter 'Jeremy' Commandeur will join us this event. Jeremy plans to bring two late stage prototypes: 'Booze Barons' and 'Insider Trading' and two early stage prototypes: 'Hero of the 9 Realms' and 'Chronox'

For the game Designers out there; check out the Forbidden Limb videos for great discussions on designing and publishing your games!




Operation Dicestorm

Operation Dicestorm is a strategy game of tactics, dexterity and chance, where two completely asymmetric factions face off on a sci-fi/fantasy battlefield, planning the perfect move between lobbing fireballs and laser beams at each other.



Black Sands

Black Sands is a Fantasy themed Tactical Skirmish Game. Players each control a class based hero, and the game comes with 4 prearranged and unique class decks though a draft mode is also available. Coming to Kickstarter soon!

Camp Grizzly

Camp Grizzly is a semi-cooperative survival horror board game for 1-6 players. The year is 1979, players take the roles of Camp Counselors who are being stalked through a maze of cabins and camp trails by 'Otis', a homicidal killer with an unhealthy bear fetish. Learn more at Ameritrash Games.


James and Shane return with their American Election themed card game. Last time was their first playtest! Look for the table with the best artistic skills to find them.




Unnamed Set Collection Card Game 

This is not just a hipster title. The game is really not yet named. But maybe you can give game designer Rohan some ideas when you try it out!




Space the Game v2 

If you haven't tried this 3D printed craziness yet, it's time to now! Discover what it's like to be a commander of a space ship! Watch Marty Tuttle present the game below.




Crown of Tines

Marek and Erik from the Triskelion Society bring their strangely addictive bluff and push-your-luck game to the table. The game is still played with regular playing cards so we'll use a picture of Marek from the June event as a placeholder. 



Peaceable Kingdom

Berkeley's own kid's game publisher is joining us this time! They'll bring family favorites like Feed the Woozle, Cauldron Quest and Race to the Treasure! 




Chris Handy from Perplext will bring PackOGame; a collection of gum pack sized games that are quick and easy to play. The result of a successful Kickstarter.




Blue Orange Games

Brandan from Blue Orange Games returns and is bringing brand new game New York 1901 with him! Ask him about any Blue Orange Game though (Battle Sheep, Longhorn, Dragon Run, etc) and he'll be able to teach you the rules.

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Even if you didn't manage to get a ticket for the event you can still bring your own table to the event. Just notify us first and we'll try to find room for you. Designers with VIP Tickets will get first choice of table placement. Local Game Designers are also welcome to come by our 'Game Designer Night' at Hotel Durant; every Thursday before the Local Sunday event of the month.

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