Fun family games you can learn in less than 2 minutes December 03 2015

Maximize your time spent with your family and friends with this list of easy-to-learn games. We've collected the best tutorial videos online that will allow you to quickly learn the games before you dive into hours of fun at the table. 



Gobblet Gobblers

Tic Tac Toe with a twist. This game adds a whole new layer of strategy to a game you might think had nothing more to offer. 
Source: Blue Orange Games



A variation of Connect 4 that is quick to play, but offers more opportunities to defeat your opponent. It also comes in a perfect travel box and goes well with tea.
Source: Bearded Meeple Reviews



A classic that will keep kids occupied while you catch up with your friends.
Source: TripleS games


Ghost Blitz

Flip a card each turn and grab the item with the correct color. Or if no color matches; grab the odd one out. So simple, yet so fun! Not just for kids, but a smash hit game at board game cafes everywhere. 
Source: Bearded Meeple Reviews


Race to the Treasure

Peaceable Kingdom is a publisher that specializes in cooperative kids games. Coop games are a great addition to any collection as it's fun to beat the game together and they teach kids to work as a team. 
Source: Peaceable Kingdom


Battle Sheep

A highly competitive game that has more in common with 'Hey, that's my fish!' than 'Battleship'. In fact it has nothing in common with war at all. Except you're trying to spread your herd strategically to cover the most pasture. The game is quick to set up and play with infinite playing boards available thanks to a modular board.
Source: Blue Orange Games



A series of card games that you can combine for an even bigger, more interesting game. Simply guess where your current card fits in on an ever growing timeline of event cards. A game that will make you at least appear smarter after a few play throughs. 
Source: Vat19




Dixit is a party game that will work both for families and friends. It's a bestseller that comes with tons of expansions and should appear in any household game collection. If you enjoy guessing games like Apples to Apples, this is a guaranteed hit. (Video is 2:30, but it's worth it!)
Source: TripleS games

Animal Upon Animal

A cuter, gentler version of Jenga where the roll of a dice determines if you have to place another animal (and where) or if you can sneakily give away one to another player. 
Source: Haba



A simple game where you place tiles that form paths your player token travels along. The goal is to eliminate the other players by connecting paths to their tokens that lead them off the board. 
Source: Bearded Meeple Reviews



A fun game that challenges spatial thinking. Learn it in a minute. 
Source: TripleS games



An award-winning color matching game for the absolute youngest. 
Source: Bearded Meeple Reviews



Perhaps not a board game in the classic sense, but still loads of fun! Basically air hockey, but without the need to break the bank to play.
Source: Blue Orange Games


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