A guided tour through Games of Berkeley's new building April 10 2017

Thinking of visiting GoB in the near future? Here's a quick walk-through so you can better navigate the store during your visit. We still consider ourselves new to the building, so will update this page as often as possible when changes are made.

Welcome to Games of Berkeley

One of the first things you see when entering our building is the NEW PRODUCTS section, which features the very latest games, toys, and novelties to have arrived at the store.

On the other side of that shelving unit is an aisle that includes sections for Steve Jackson's MUNCHKIN, our own LOCALLY GROWN GAMES (featuring games designed and/or published in the Bay Area and Northern Califonia), and the beginning of DORM (small-package games that are easy to carry and/or store).

The remainder of DORM wraps into the next aisle, where it joins TRIVIA, SOCIAL DEDUCTION, and a huge variety of PARTY GAMES in both Family-Friendly and Adults-Only varieties.

The next aisle features DECK-BUILDING and LIVING CARD GAMES (LCGs), including some discontinued or out-of-print items.

COOPERATIVE and SEMI-COOPERATIVE GAMES face off in this aisle against GATEWAY TO EURO (games that introduce new players to European-style tabletop games) and ASYMMETRICAL (the board game version of roleplaying games).

The next couple of aisles include a wide variety of EURO GAMES (tabletop adventure games), for which we're still working on further categorization. Some are HISTORICAL FICTIONS, some are SCI-FI of FANTASY based, many involve CITY-BUILDING and RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. This second of these aisles also includes a long section of POP CULTURE Games, Toys and Jigsaw Puzzles. 

More traditionally American-style games begin in this next aisle, including DICE GAMES, ABSTRACT, MILITARY and POLITICAL STRATEGY, TRAVEL GAMES, STORYTELLING, and WORD GAMES.

So much MONOPOLY! With so many themes! This aisle also includes other general American FAMILY CLASSICS, PARTY GAMES, and CARD GAMES. 

The next aisle has games specifically for KIDS and FAMILIES to play together, from ages 4 and up.

MAGIC TRICKS and PRANKS, EDUCATIONAL GAMES, and other TOYS for toddlers and up are in the same aisle with SCIENCE KITS and ACTIVITIES.

Our resident wizard GARETH O'BEARDSLEY stands watch over the ARTS & CRAFTS section, which includes ORIGAMI and other Paper Crafts. 

And the central aisles end with STICKERS and more CRAFT ACTIVITIES.

The rear of the retail floor is dedicated to TRADITIONAL and ANCIENT GAMES -- Chess, Backgammon, Checkers, Go, Cribbage, Mancala, Mah Jong, Bingo, Chinese Checkers, a selection of Word Games, and some others.

The ROLE-PLAYING GAMES (RPGs) section is in the rear-left of the store, and includes Independent and Small Press titles, as well as big names and classics like Dungeons & Dragons and Call of Cthulhu.

MINIATURES suitable for role-playing games are adjacent to the RPG section, and include both prepainted COLLECTIBLE MINIATURES (such as for Star Wars X-Wing), and HOBBY PAINTS, TOOLS, and ACCESSORIES.

Heading towards the front of the store again, you'll pass by our wall of display cases, beginning with DARTS. We have fully-assembled sets, individual parts such as barrels, flights, and shafts, and other accessories like carrying cases and boards.

Next we have TAROT (and other Fortune-Telling cards), MAGIC TRICK DECKS, HEROCLIX, and a few other items.

CASINO GAMING SUPPLIES such as Roulette, Card Shoes, and Poker Chips are right next to a large selection of PLAYING CARDS, all behind two display cases for DICE and related accessories.

The DOMINO and YO-YO cabinets house a large variety of each, and POKEMON, YU-GI-OH and other CCG (Collectible Card Games) are located in front of them.

This display area is primarily dedicated to CCG SUPPLIES & ACCESSORIES, as well as MAGIC: THE GATHERING. Though we don't deal in single cards, our Booster selection runs pretty deep and far back into the history of the game.

That brings you back to our register area, which includes some small items including MINTS and BLIND BOX COLLECTIBLES. We also have UMBRELLAS and STORE APPAREL available for sale.

But wait, we skipped the entire right side of the store! Up front is our huge collection of PLUSH and STUFFED TOYS in all sorts of types and sizes. There are realistic animals, huggable Star Wars characters, fanciful puppets, Giant Microbes, and all sorts of others.

Just past plush toys, we begin a long line of OUTDOOR toys and activities (as well as Animal Head MASKS). This is where you'll find NERF, WATER and other GUN TOYS, and many games involving throwing, swinging, and general physical activity.


Metal Earth provides the entrance to our 3D PUZZLE section. RUBIKS CUBE-style manipulation puzzles are here, as are a large selection of other Plastic, Metal, and Wood brain teasers. (Our COLORING and ACTIVITY BOOKS are also spaced along this section.)

LEGO finally has its own wall section at Games of Berkeley! A regular rotation of new sets and basic bricks can be found here.

Visible from every other section of the retail store, our JIGSAW PUZZLE selection is perhaps the largest in the Bay Area. Approximately 1,200 images across a dozen publishers, in piece counts ranging from 24 to 13,000. There's a puzzle here for everyone!

Finally, there's our GAME ROOMS, found through the door at the rear of the retail floor. There are 3 small rooms and 1 large, with enough table/chair space to accommodate as many as 75 players simultaneously (and we're working on the ability to make space for even more). Our GAME LIBRARY is back there as well, with 200+ games that you can come play for free when scheduled events are not taking place.

Oh yeah, we also have POSTCARDS and GREETING CARDS! And year-round FREE GIFT WRAPPING with your purchase!

So come pay us a visit, and tell us what you think of the new space.