Learn, play, eat, and drink at our Tabletop Thursdays September 12 2016

Our partnership with Hotel Durant & Henry's Pub continues!

Come by and learn the featured game of the week, or try one from the Hotel's growing collection of tabletop games. 


Hotel Durant is located not far from Downtown Berkeley, and less than a block from Games of Berkeley's future new home. The hotel features a swanky lobby, a gorgeous dining room, and a great pub called Henry's. It's the perfect setting for a Thursday tabletop event as that tends to be the quietest night of the week. Perfect for discussing a strategy in Game of Thrones or argue over who's the spy in The Resistance!

Tabletop Thursdays are also a good time for local game designers to come by and showcase their games. Locally designed Skulldug was playtested here during their successful Kickstarter, and more designers have joined us over the history of these events. 

Our game ambassador John Moore picks a different theme each week, so make sure to check our Facebook Event Page to see what's next.


Ample supply of beer is provided by Henry's.

Enjoy board gaming in the most comfortable seats in Berkeley. Here's a dual game of 'Dead of Winter' going down.

Pandemic is always a popular choice. 

You can tell which group is playing Cards Against Humanity. 

 A group of strangers playing 'The Resistance' on the first Tabletop Thursday.




A typical game collection that we bring to each night. Some, like CaH, Jenga and The Resistance are always at the hotel. 


Playtesting Skulldug - A Locally Grown Game.

From our 'Viking Fest' featuring locally grown game 'Vikings of Dragonia' (below).


Machi Koro is always a winner!