Locally Grown Game Sundays: "ON THE GRID" May 15 2017

Long live Locally Grown Sundays! We decided recently that our signature Summer event must continue, combining locally designed & published games with sunshine & fresh air. But how to make it work without a concurrent street party downtown?

Our event coordinator, Angel, came up with a great idea: since the festival we used to be associated with included "Off the Grid" style food trucks, our reimagined Locally Grown Sundays should feature the "On the Grid" eateries right here in our own neighborhood. All of them provide to-go fare, so you'll be able to pick it up and take it right over to our outdoor and indoor gaming tables!

(All those little yellow dots indicate restaurants/cafes within a 1-block radius of GoB.)

(All those little yellow dots indicate restaurants/cafes within a 1-block radius of GoB.)

We're working with the Telegraph Business Improvement District (TBID) to coordinate with as many local restaurants as possible, in order to build a great drop-by event for everyone involved.

Locally Grown Game Sundays will take place on the second Sunday of each month from June through September, on the sidewalk, in front of our building and those to either side of us.


That can be anyone; regular customers, casual shoppers, neighborhood residents, passers-by -- it's an event meant to build community and shed light on the locally creative and culinary, so everyone's welcome!


We'll post a map & list of the local eateries right here on this webpage as the first date approaches. If any of them offer special deals during the events, we'll make sure to publicize that as well.


This is a chance to get your games seen by a wide audience, comprised not only of hardcore gamers or fellow designers/publishers, but also casual gamers or first-timers. It's an opportunity to see what's working, fix what may not be, or even get a game you've already published further into the consumer eye.

To participate, email us at events@gamesofberkeley.com with a description of your game, and mark the email subject "Locally Grown Games." Include what stage your game is in, and attach pictures if possible. If you have social media accounts, share those with us as well so we may publicize your participation ahead of time.

June is filling up rapidly, so contact us ASAP! And if you weren't able to reserve a table, drop by and we'll fit you in if someone else isn't able to make it.


Get the latest updates on the event by signing up to the FB event page.

And don't forget that it's still pretty easy to get to Games of Berkeley, even at our new location. Click here for more information.


Photos from prior Locally Grown Sunday events:

We provide table signs that make it easy for curious players to come join the fun.