News of the Move - 6/28/16 June 28 2016

Permits approved!

It took a little longer than we'd anticipated, but the City of Berkeley approved our preliminary permits last Friday, so the improvements to 2510 Durant can now move forward! The timing was actually good because we'd just had a long meeting with our contractor and architect, mapping out an updated timeline estimate for each stage (and getting into the crawlspace for the very first time). Plumbing and electricity for the new bathroom will be the first item on the agenda, with associated demolition, framing, etc. following thereafter.


As with any project of this nature, unexpected circumstances can force compromises. One such compromise is that we will in fact NOT be installing a commercial lift, and will instead be keeping our existing conveyor belt.

This has nothing to do with expense, but rather with the placement requirements for the new stairs into the basement. The building code necessitates stairwell positioning that will cut into some of the space we'd intended to use for events and game play, but we're already considering alternate usage in other areas that would make up for the loss. And since the stairs can only fit in the one spot, the belt may as well go next to it.

One decision that has accelerated is the question of what colors to paint the building. We want it to stand out, but not in the same manner it does now. What do you think? Remember, you can always test different ideas yourself using the coloring book page we created for our 36th Anniversary.

And a reminder: we're still interested in your opinions about what we should carry at the new address. Leave comments for us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and this website, send an email to, or talk to us at the store itself.

Other news in brief:

  • We'll be speaking at the next monthly meeting of the Telegraph Business Improvement District this Thursday morning, introducing ourselves to the new neighbors. Nothing fancy; just a 5-minute "hi, how are ya?"
  • Our next Locally Grown Games Sunday takes place July 17th. Come out and enjoy games, music, and food outside on Center Street.

Thanks for reading, watch for the next installment, and never confuse an engineer's hammer for a sledge hammer!