News of the Move - 7/14/16 July 14 2016

Not yet a whole lot to report!

That's right, folks: We're stuck in that waiting period between when the permits are approved and the plans are all prepared, but the contractor's schedule hasn't freed up. Not to worry, though -- the bathroom/drinking fountain stage is set to begin work this coming Monday, July 18th! That'll mean holes in the floor, wall framing, plumbing, electrical, etc. Yay!

In the meantime, there's still a lot to accomplish that has nothing to do with construction. We're still pondering paint colors and trying to figure out exactly what to do with the sign, so more later.

Sadly, not many photos or video this week. But with PokeStops right outside both of our buildings, we couldn't help but play a bit of Pokemon Go during the interim. Besides, what else are we supposed to feed our dragon while she awaits customers?

Other news in brief:

  • Addressing the Telegraph Business Improvement District went well two weeks ago. We met several longstanding business owners and neighborhood residents, and then brought several of them inside the building to share more details about our plans.
  • Locally Grown Games Sunday takes place this weekend! Fresh air, games, music, and probably a whole messload of people furiously flicking their cell phones.

Thanks for reading, and watch for the next installment, which should feature plenty of rubble and building supplies!