News of the Move - 9/14/16 September 14 2016

Permits approved -- AGAIN!

Has it really been two months since our last update? Holy cow, times sure flies when you're doing entirely too many things! We've done Caltopia, San Francisco Comic Con, and two Locally Grown Game Sundays since then, so it's time to re-focus on our new home.

Our revised permits -- which included some additional things we hadn't initially planned for -- only just got approved by the city early last week, so all those other distractions actually didn't take too much of a toll. The engineer needed some exploratory drilling and cutting to get a better look at the basement's structural needs, and scheduling inspections with the city is a little time consuming these days because there's so much construction happening in Berkeley right now.

All of the bathroom/drinking fountain work has been approved, however, so just a couple small items remain in there. The contractors have also begun extending the front utility room so it can be used as our store managers' office, we've gotten estimates for a new surveillance system, and we're about to order slatwall panels for the walls in the retail area.

Another delay has come in the form of ... well ... not wanting to look terrible during our initial, "soft" open period. The Evil Overlord admits now that his idea to get things going ASAP in a sort of pop-up capacity was maybe the worst plan he's had in a while, so we've decided to push things back a bit in the name of presenting the place as we want it -- not simply in a "good enough" fashion. That means buying a whole lot of new fixtures, and a whole lot of product. So look for that soft open sometime in October.

We think we've finally settled on a paint combination, which may or may not involve shades of blue, yellow, and off-white. We're accepting bids now and might have the outside of the building painted within the next month or two.

There have been even more surprise finds inside the walls and floors -- if you'll recall, we found beer cans on the very first day of work. In recent days we've come across photos from Tower Records, nightclub flyers, a business card from Octopus, and an entire stack of tickets from a restaurant that closed in 1975. And of course the prior business left a few remnants, too!

As for products we'll likely carry during the initial, soft open, we're thinking of bringing in everything we sell at least twice per month at the current location. That's over 2500 different items, so you'll have a good selection to choose from prior to the January grand opening.

We're also still fielding ideas about new product lines, so leave comments for us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and this website, send an email to, or talk to us at the store itself.

Other news in brief:

Thanks for reading, and watch for the next installment!