North Bay Fires Assistance October 15 2017

GoB has donated product to one of the many shelters aiding those affected by the North Bay fires, and we have been asked to collect games and toys for those who wish to donate more. But as was pointed out to us by a good friend of the store, we are still in the middle of this disaster, and the full extent of what will be needed isn't yet clear.
We respectfully ask that those with the resources to help please focus on what's currently needed most: money, non-perishable food, basic necessities, or to volunteer your time and skills. The attached link from KQED has a fairly comprehensive list of places to direct your charitable efforts.
Once the primary crisis has passed, or involved aid organizations begin requesting, GoB has a working idea for how our customers and community can help with donations of games, toys, and other such items. We will post about that when we feel the time is right.
Erik Bigglestone
Managing Owner