Water Damage from leak & flood November 20 2017

We arrived at the store on the morning of Thursday, November 16 to discover a newly-formed lake on our retail floor.

A rain pipe in the ceiling had backed up, and leaked all night onto the RPG and miniatures section of the store. Water had also spread across about 1/3 of the floor, and a portion of the drop-ceiling had collapsed.

Contacting our property managers garnered a swift response, and within just a couple of hours the water was stopped and the cleanup had begun in earnest.

A professional mitigation company soon followed, and their equipment has been on site since, drying out the walls, ceiling, floors, and fixtures.

The bad news is that nearly our entire stock of miniatures, role-playing games (including D&D), and Games Workshop products is unsalvageable. The good news is that we've already ordered replacements for a good portion of the items that weren't out of print, and should start receiving those by Wednesday. And as soon as the mitigation company gives us the all-clear, we'll put everything back as close to normal as possible.

The timing isn't great so close to the holidays, but we're bouncing back. Come join us!