GAMA Trade Show 2019: A First-Timer's Perspective March 24 2019

Store employee Angela tells us about her first GAMA Trade Show experience!

GoBSmacked: Hello, I Must Be Gouging February 19 2019

Wherein the Evil Overlord feeds his readers dry crackers without anything to drink.

Or, Why We Charge What We Charge.

Water Damage from leak & flood November 20 2017

We arrived at the store on the morning of Thursday, November 16 to discover a newly-formed lake on our retail floor.


North Bay Fires Assistance October 15 2017

GoB has donated product to one of the many shelters aiding those affected by the North Bay fires, and we have been asked to collect games and toys for those who wish to donate more. But as was pointed out to us by a good friend of the store, we are still in the middle of this disaster, and the full extent of what will be needed isn't yet clear.
We respectfully ask that those with the resources to help please focus on what's currently needed most: money, non-perishable food, basic necessities, or to volunteer your time and skills. The attached link from KQED has a fairly comprehensive list of places to direct your charitable efforts.
Once the primary crisis has passed, or involved aid organizations begin requesting, GoB has a working idea for how our customers and community can help with donations of games, toys, and other such items. We will post about that when we feel the time is right.
Erik Bigglestone
Managing Owner

Side-Room Savings Continue! August 11 2017

We're adding items and dropping prices in our clearance room!

Our "red room" continues to be the best bargain in town on fun pastimes ... for now, at least. At some point we'll need to clear that space out for larger events or Holiday activities, and then a lot of those items will disappear, maybe forever.

A few of the items you'll find in our bargain room:

  • Classic board games
  • Party board games
  • Adventure board games
  • Card Games including collectible card games and deck builders
  • Puzzles (especially kids puzzles)
  • Toys of all kinds including plush animals and puppets
  • Warmachine, Hordes, Battletech, and Malifaux miniatures
  • HeroClix Collectible miniatures
  • ... and so much more

Just head over to our store and follow the signs to our side room.

All prices as marked. All sales are final.



Locally Grown Game Sundays: "ON THE GRID" May 15 2017

Long live Locally Grown Sundays! We decided recently that our signature Summer event must continue, combining locally designed & published games with sunshine & fresh air.

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Games of Berkeley turns 37! May 04 2017

Our store was founded in june of 1980, to the joy of berkeley’s rugby-stripe-knit-and-corduroy-wearing geeks of the day (google 1980 catalogs if you don’t believe us). Join us as we celebrate 37 years of games, toys, activities, and experiences!

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A guided tour through Games of Berkeley's new building April 10 2017

Thinking of visiting GoB in the near future? Here's a quick walk-through so you can better navigate the store during your visit.

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Where's GoB? - HOW TO FIND US March 31 2017

Games of Berkeley is located in the Telegraph (or Southside) district. Here's how to get to us!

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Puzzle Pals: More jigsaw for your buck! March 28 2017

Want to increase your jigsaw puzzle collection? Games of Berkeley can help!

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Event Changes implemented April 15th! March 17 2017

We love that GoB can now provide you with improved play space, but one thing we’ve learned over the years is that wear and tear take a serious toll.

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Reserving Event Space at Games of Berkeley March 13 2017

Are you looking for a place to hold your RPG sessions? Does your geek-centric campus club need space for weekly meetings? Do your birthday kids just want to get together with their friends and play games?

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Backroom Bargains: Up to 75% off!! November 17 2016

Backroom Bargains at Games of Berkeley


We've got a sale that will make any bargain hunter go crazy. 

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News of the Move - 10/29/16 October 30 2016

Closer still ...

Okay, no time for an extensive write-up. CLICK HERE for bullet points, photos, and a video.

Q&A With Grant Rodiek (by event coordinator Angel Traub) October 11 2016

Last week I had the chance to ask a few questions of Grant Rodiek, founder of Hyperbole Games and designer of Cry Havoc (one of the biggest games this month -- seriously if you haven't checked it out yet you reaaaalllly should).

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News of the Move - 9/14/16 September 14 2016

Permits approved -- AGAIN!

Has it really been two months since our last update? Holy cow, times sure flies when you're doing entirely too many things!

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Learn, play, eat, and drink at our Tabletop Thursdays September 12 2016

Our partnership with Hotel Durant continues!

Come by and learn the featured game of the week, or try one from the Hotel's growing collection of tabletop games.

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News of the Move - 7/14/16 July 14 2016

Not yet a whole lot to report!

That's right, folks: We're stuck in that waiting period between when the permits are approved and the plans are all prepared, but the contractor's schedule hasn't freed up. Not to worry, though -- the bathroom/drinking fountain stage is set to begin work this coming Monday, July 18th!

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News of the Move - 6/28/16 June 28 2016

Permits approved!

It took a little longer than we'd anticipated, but the City of Berkeley approved our preliminary permits last Friday, so the improvements to 2510 Durant can now move forward!

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News of the Move - 6/14/16 June 14 2016

Fill 'er up!

If you've stopped by our new address any time in the past couple of weeks, you'll notice that it doesn't look like much of anything is happening. Outwardly that's true, but behind the scenes it's a different matter.

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News of the Move - 5/31/16 May 31 2016

Admiral ... There be dragons here!

Okay, so really it's "dragon," singular. But why not go all geeky when we have a 13'-tall dragon in our new store?

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News of the Move - 5/17/16 May 17 2016

Welcome to the first of what will be semi-regular updates on how things are going at our new location!

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It's our totally awesome 36th Anniversary! May 10 2016

As disco was ending and new wave beginning, we started out primarily selling to chess, backgammon and RPG players. 36 years later ... well, we're a little more diverse. Let's have some fun to celebrate!

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GAMES OF BERKELEY IS MOVING! (Next year.) May 06 2016

We’ve been teasing a Secret Project during the past few weeks, and it’s finally time to share what we’ve been working on: Games of Berkeley is moving!

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